Concrete Pulverizer

LaBounty Concrete Pulverizers 

Concrete PulverizerConcrete pulverizers are designed for quiet, controlled demolition and recycling of concrete bridge decks, walls, floor slabs, foundations, silos, culverts, pillars, encased beams, pre-cast structures, railings, etc. Concrete pulverizers are perfect for separating concrete from rebar, providing two recycable products.


  • Custom lever arms provide maximum crushing power.
  • Concrete pulverizers use existing excavator hydraulics, eliminating the need for additional hydraulic circuits..
  • Swift-Lock pin on replacement tooth system (Standard on all CP models)

Concrete Pulverizer Data Sheet

Swift Lock Tooth System

Swift Lock teeth are standard on most LaBounty Concrete Processing tools. These exclusive, patented pin-on replaceable teeth allow the end user to change out teeth on attachments in the field in minutes.

Concrete Pulverizer

Equipment Specs

Excavator Wt. 3rd Member LBS. CP Weight LBS. Jaw Opening (Inch) Jaw Depth (Inch)
CP40 36-46,000 Lbs. 2,875 Lbs. 30″ 25″
CP60 46-65,000 Lbs. 3,000 Lbs. 36″ 27″
CP80 65-88,000 Lbs. 4,475 Lbs. 42″ 29″
CP100 88-111,000 Lbs. 6,150 Lbs. 48″ 35″
CP120 111-160,000 Lbs. 9,900 Lbs. 54″ 40″