Liebherr attachments were developed as problem solutions for the most widely differing operational situations. The well-matched range offers a large number of different attachments, such as grapples, quick-change systems, and special attachments for very different applications. Equipped with highly effective design formats suited for the individual area of use, Liebherr attachments achieve maximum productivity with long service life.

Material Handling Attachments

Multi-tine Grapple

Grapple Capacity [yd³] 0.52-5.88
Opening Width [ft in] 5'-7" to 13'-1"
Weight [lb] 1,875 - 16,535
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Shells (Designed for loose material)

Grapple Capacity [yd³] 1.31 - 7.85
Shell Width [ft in] 3'-3" to 7'-10"
Weight [lb] 2,293 - 13,228
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Sorting Grapple

Liebherr Attachments Grapple Capacity [yd³] 0.65 - 1.7
Grapple Width [ft in] 2'-7" to 3'-11"
Weight [lb] 1,984 - 5,203
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Wood Grapple

Wood Grapple Grapple Area [yd²] 0.96 - 4.31
Opening Width [ft in] 7'-3" to 13'-12"
Claw Width [ft in] 2'-8" to 3'-3"
Weight [lb] 2,800 - 7,385
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