Terex Environmental

Terex Environmental Equipment

Terex environmental is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of hand fed towable arborist chippers. Terex offers a comprehensive range of hand fed chippers, biomass chippers and trommel equipment to the arborist, land developer, utility contractor, recycling industry, rental store and large-scale biomass producer.

The range of innovative machines machines are manufactured to provide efficient production, low operational costs and ease of maintenance. Terex products have excellent reliability, are easy to operate and set-up for any project.

TAC 700

Terex TAC 700 Operating Weight 1,925 lb.
Engine Power 27-35 hp.
Chipping Capacity 6″
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TAC 710

Terex TAC 710 Operating Weight 2,750 lb.
Engine Power 35-47 hp.
Chipping Capacity 9″
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TAC 730

Terex TAC 730 Operating Weight 5,200 lb.
Engine Power 84-99 hp.
Chipping Capacity 13″
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TAC 750

Terex TAC 750 Operating Weight 7,200 lb.
Engine Power 99-140 hp.
Chipping Capacity 16″
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TAC 770

Terex TAC 770 Operating Weight 9,000 lb.
Engine Power 142-250 hp.
Chipping Capacity 19″
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TAC 790

Terex TAC 790 Operating Weight 12,000 lb.
Engine Power 173-275 hp.
Chipping Capacity 21″
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