Dressta TD15 Dozer

Crawler Dozers are a very important piece of equipment in the construction world. These machines are used in landfills, quarries, forestry and a wide variety of other applications. Like many other machines, safety procedures must be followed to make sure that the operator and his crew stay safe at all times.

Before you leave a dozer cab for any reason, make sure you have taken precautions to make sure the machine does not move while unattended.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your crew safe:

  • Use the service brake when stopping the machine.
  • Make sure to lower any attachments (blade, ripper etc.) to the ground before leaving the machine.
  • Make sure controls are in neutral/park.
  • Engage parking brake to fully disengage the machine.
  • Cycle all hydraulic controls to relieve system pressures.
  • When working in landfills allow the engine to idle for a short cool-down period to prevent trash fires.
  • While machine is being serviced in the field make sure to remove the key and turn the battery switch to the OFF position to keep your mechanics safe.

These are just a few tips to follow when operating a dozer. Once the dozer has been properly shut down and you are leaving the machine, make sure to keep a 3 point contact with the steps at all times and face the machine when exiting. NEVER jump off of a machine. Be carefull in slippery conditions or when on slopes.

During maintenance procedures: If any adjustments must be made with the engine running, always work as a 2 person team, with 1 person sitting in the operators seat at all times. This system is VERY important! If something were to go wrong, there is always someone there to shut the machine down immediatly.

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