FRD Furukawa

The Top Performing Demolition Tools For Today’s Most Demanding Jobs!

FRD Furukawa ia a leader in construction and mining machinery worldwide. Our accumulated skills and know-how have also helped us become a leading manufacturer of breakers and attachments used extensively at mining, quarry and construction sites throughout North and Central America.

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Small Hydraulic Breakers

Fx15a/25a/35a Literature

Fx45a/55a Literature

Fx Small Series Cut-Away Literature

Medium Sized Hydraulic Breakers

F6/F9 Literature

F6/F9 Cut-Away Literature

Fx125 Literature

Large Series High-Performance Breakers

Fx175 Qtv Literature

Fx225 Qtv Literature

Fx275 Qtv Literature

Fx375 Qtv Literature

Fx475 Qtv Literature

Fx770 Qtv Literature

F100 Qt Literature

Compaction: Vibratory Plate/Wheel

HP35 ME/HP65 II/HP75 Literature

HP65 II-18 Literature

HP135 II/HP210 II Literature

CW Series Literature