Extended Warranties


protectmyiron r 300x300At Tracey Road Equipment, we are dedicated to offering every option to our customers - including confidence. Extended Warranties for Construction Equipment - or Extended Service Contracts - protect your equipment and your company, from costly repairs, extended downtime, and other expenses.


You can remain assured that Tracey Road Equipment will provide you with superior products and services backed by outstanding customer support. Extended Warranties for Construction Equipment provide peace of mind, and increase customer satisfaction for the duration of the ownership experience.


Protect My Iron® automates the warranty process with a user-friendly web-based portal - Warranty Connect. Access your claims status, upload photos - anytime, anywhere. It's a new breed of Warranties, designed exclusively for the construction equipment industry.


Call us today to learn more about the Extended Warranties for Construction Equipment we offer with the machines we sell, or fill out the form to the right to receive information to your email address.

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