American business depends on trucks to keep our commerce flowing. And when it comes to trucks, Freightliner is the name you think of first.

Freightliner trucks are designed to help you haul more, more efficiently. Thanks to the company’s exclusive cutting-edge wind tunnel, every truck is sleekly aerodynamic. Combine that with lightweight materials, state-of-the-art fuel efficiency and stingy maintenance needs, and you’ve got a truck that saves you time and money and helps you earn more revenue.

Just what your bottom line needs, now and down the road.

Freightliner CascadiaFreightliner Cascadia

Cascadia® is one of Freightliner’s finest trucks ever. And that’s saying something.

It has the lowest drag co-efficient, matched with one of four Detroit Diesel or Cummins power plants. They all offer top fuel efficiency, yet Cascadia® truck-engine combinations can reach peak torque in just 1.5 seconds.

A hydraulic clutch system ensures smooth, quiet operation, with less driver fatigue and little maintenance. The radiator and fan are mounted on the engine, improving reliability by reducing vibration. The 50-degree wheel cut offers excellent maneuverability. And an optional leaf-air front suspension combination smoothes the road, saving tire wear and your rear end, too.

The engine compartment is easily accessible. Cascadia®’s flexible electrical system allows your dealer or fleet tech to make modifications that meet your specific needs, and it’s quick, simple and cost-efficient to repair the windshield, bumper, hood and side fairings.

With Cascadia® you can choose the day cab option, or get the best rest you’ve ever had on the road with a mid-roof or raised-roof sleeper.

Freightliner CoronadoFreightliner Coronado

Coronado® is a handsome devil with a workhorse mentality.

Traditional appearance plus cutting-edge engineering equals optimum performance at peak efficiency. Just what you’d expect from Freightliner.

The Coronado® comes with a DD 13, DD15, DD16 or Cummins ISX15 engine and oversize radiator for maximum breatheability. Freightliner’s exclusive air intake captures more dirt but reduces drag, so it’s more efficient. Manual, automated manual or automatic transmission options help you design a technology-plus-power match-up that lets you shift seamlessly and quickly attain the momentum you need.

Coronado® makes even the heaviest loads and roughest roads seem effortless. Axle ratings range from 12-16,000 pounds in the front and 23-46,000 pounds in the rear. Tag and pusher axles are rated up to 20,000 pounds, with liftable and steerable options. The intelligently-designed electrical system is well-protected but easy to get at.

Coronado®’s exterior lives up to Freightliner’s “maximum security” standards for crashworthiness. Yet maintenance is simplified, with a spring-assist hood, see-through fluid containers, easy-to-find H13 single headlight bulbs and other small-but-smart features designed to keep you on the road instead of at the shop.

The driver-designed dashboard has gauges that are easy to read, even at night. And you don’t have to rummage around to find anything from cup-holders to vents. Naturally the fully-equipped sleeper is roomy, with thoughtfully designed storage. It’s peacefully quiet, even when you’re still on the road.

And since it’s a Freightliner, you can personalize the Coronado® with all sorts of options.

With Freightliner trucks, even the interiors are attractive but rugged, designed with the long haul in mind with comfy seats and quiet cabs designed by sound engineers.

But let’s face it. Occasionally something goes wrong. Thankfully Freightliner trucks come with practical service and extended warranty options. And with more than 300 dealers across North America, you’ll find comprehensive, factory-backed support that operates with one thing in mind: keeping your costs down and your truck on the road.

No wonder Freightliner is a favorite among professional drivers. There’s nothing more comfortable than cost savings and increased revenue that add up to more profit in your pocket.

Visit Tracey Road Equipment today and let us start working on your next truck. Our sales team is ready to sit down and listen to your needs and start building the truck that is right for you.


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