Full-Size Wheel Loaders


Kawasaki wheel loaders have 45 plus years of heritage of strength and reliability. The full sized wheel loaders provide plenty of punch when it comes to high production work. They have the lift height to load off-road trucks and the breakout force to dig when needed. But they also boast the most up to date controls and features to keep productivity and efficiency high throughout the shift.

The full sized wheel loaders have larger cabs with flat-glass windshields, which makes makes field replacement easier. For really dusty jobs, they have wider spaced radiator fans for easier cleaning. These are just some of the features that make Kawasaki wheel loaders the best in class.


Kawasaki 80Z7 Operating Weight 38,625 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 4.2-4.7 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 34,170 lb.
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80Z7 TF4

Kawasaki 80Z7 TF4 Operating Weight 38,910 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 4.2-4.7 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 34,170 lb.
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Kawasaki 85Z7 Operating Weight 45,750 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 4.1-5.2 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 37,090 lb.
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90Z7 T4F

Kawasaki 90Z7 T4F Operating Weight 53,310 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 5.5-6.1 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 44,740 lb.
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Kawasaki 95Z7 Operating Weight 75,570 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 7.3-8.1 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 53,730 lb.
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Kawasaki 95Z7 XTREME Operating Weight 79,080 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 9.0-9.8 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 68,120 lb.
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Kawasaki 115Z7 Operating Weight 102,030 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 8.3-9.0 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 87,450 lb.
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Kawasaki 115Z XTREME Operating Weight 106,110 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 9.15 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 94,420 lb.
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Kawasaki 135 ZV-2 Operating Weight 181,880 lbs.
Bucket Capacity 12.4-13.5 cu.yds
Bucket Breakout Force 130,785 lbs.
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