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Hyundai 900 Series Loaders: Greater Efficiency with Tier 4 – Final Engines

Need a new wheel loader? Hyundai says you can realize 5% greater productivity and up to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption with their updated Hyundai 900 Series machines. That’s because all the Hyundai loaders in this line now come with Tier 4-Final engines. There are five models available right now, and by the end of the year you’ll also be able to get a sixth version — the HL935 — plus Extended Reach (XT) models and a parallel-lift Tool Master (TM) configuration.

Here are the key stats for the five wheel loader models currently available:


  • Net power: 156 horsepower
  • Standard bucket: 3 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 28,900 pounds

Hyundai 900 SeriesHL955

  • Net power: 197 horsepower
  • Standard bucket: 3.7 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 33,300 pounds


  • Net power: 225 horsepower
  • Standard bucket: 4.3 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 41,450 pounds


  • Net power: 308 horsepower
  • Standard bucket: 5.5 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 51,800 pounds


  • Net power: 376 horsepower
  • Standard bucket: 7.3 cubic yards
  • Operating weight: 68,350 pounds

The first three models (and the upcoming HL935) are powered by Cummins engines, while the two largest models have Scania engines. Both engines use selective catalytic reduction and a diesel oxidation catalyst to achieve Tier 4-Final emissions standards. The company says these Hyundai loaders save fuel through features like:

  • Eco Pedal, a programmable auto-engine shutdown available with the Smart Start option that monitors foot pressure and adjusts power modes accordingly.
  • Eco Gauge, a display that shows fuel efficiency and also total/average fuel usage.
  • An optional lock-up-clutch transmission.

Hyundai 900 SeriesIt’s not just Tier 4-Final that’s new.

Additional equipment features include:

  • Standard ZF4-speed automatic transmission or optional ZF 5-speed automatic with a lock-up clutch.
  • Optional front- and rear-axle coolers for some larger models
  • Front-locking differential option for HL955 and larger models.
  • Re-designed buckets that offer better bucket fill and material retention, thanks to deeper profile, curved side plates and a larger spill guard.
  • Optional automatic weighing system that can enhance loading efficiency and track production.

Maintenance has been streamlined, too:

  • Easier access to the engine compartment and the machine’s new vertically stacked, thanks to a new tilt-back, wide-opening engine cowl.
  • Disc brakes are manufactured with standard material that stands up to the heat of heavy braking better, improving both braking effectiveness and service life.
  • The centralized lubrication location is convenient and efficient.
  • The sealed and supported drive-line center bearing allows for longer life with less maintenance.
  • The in-cab touchscreen monitor enables tracking of pressures, operating settings and detailed service-related data, and the display can be used to program cushioned stops for boom and bucket cylinders.

Features every driver will appreciate.

Hyundai 900 SeriesProductivity depends on operator convenience and comfort as well as machine power and efficiency. So these Hyundai loaders feature a larger cab with easier access, more floor space and better visibility. The cab is quieter and offers options of adjustable and heated air-ride seat and upgraded climate control system.  Work is easier with an interactive 7” touchscreen display (fingertip controls optional) and optional Smart Start ignition system that provides password-protected or Bluetooth key-enabled starts.

New safety features include:

  • Larger door and access steps.
  • More convenient grab handles.
  • Engine compartment guardrails.
  • Rear-view camera system with higher resolution and better nighttime visibility.
  • Programmable speed limit setting.

All Hyundai 900 Series loaders come with a three-year subscription to the Hi-Mate telematics system plus a standard 3-year/3,000-hour warranty and 5-year/10,000-hour structural warranty.

Hyundai 900 Series