One thing is certain in construction – no two jobs are exactly alike. The most valuable equipment – the machine that delivers the greatest return on your investment — is the one that can adapt to changing conditions and still perform at top levels. Versatility and profitability go hand in hand. Long known for this very trait, 9 Series Hyundai wheel loaders now include a new model that takes versatility to the next level.

The Hyundai HL740-9A is bigger than the OEM’s last upgrade, the HL730-9A. But it doesn’t just weigh more. This newest machine comes outfitted with a heftier engine, more horsepower, a fully automatic transmission and a roomier bucket backed with greater breakout force. You can move faster and do more.

HL740-9AWhat do you get with an HL740-9A?

  • Cummins Tier4i engine that puts out 156 horsepower at 2100 rpm.
  • 3 cubic yard bucket.
  • 24,800 lb. breakout force.

Along with these upgraded features, the HL740-9A retains numerous attributes owners of earlier models have come to rely on:

  • A wide cab with a big view field (with the previous upgrade, the windshield area increased 17% and door glass was enlarged).
  • Color LCD display that makes operating data easy to read.
  • Automatic and manual reversing fan.
  • Three operating modes – standard, economy and power.
  • Four transmission shift modes.

And that’s just the base model. Options include a variety of attachments, tires and rims, buckets, cab and electrical configurations and other details. You can choose an extended reach model if you need to accommodate higher dump height, and you can spec the new tool carrier model that has parallel lift capability.

Whatever the application, Hyundai wheel loaders are ready to work.

You can customize the HL740-A to fit your jobsite needs, whether you’re working construction, utility projects, demolition or recycling. Once the machine is on the job, operators can finesse the controls to suit the specific conditions, tailoring engine power, transmission shift points and clutch cut-off activation. Overhead switches enable them to control boom kick-out and bucket position settings, and they can monitor the integrated load weight system on the touch-screen display.

Operators can do their work in style and comfort, too. The cab offers everything from a tilting/telescoping steering column and adjustable wrist rest to AM/FM radio with MP3 interface and hands-free Bluetooth.

Like all Hyundai wheel loaders in the 9 Series, the HL-740-9A includes

  • HL740-9AHi-mate remote management technology
  • Easy maintenance features that save time and money, including a rear door that opens to more than 70 degrees, tilting transmission and swing-out hydraulic oil coolers.
  • Longer-life components that can last up to 5000 hours

It’s a hard-working machine built to Hyundai’s top-quality specs and designed to deliver more to your bottom line. If you need a bigger, more productive and outstandingly versatile wheel loader to make the most of your 2015 season, the Hyundai HL-740-9A could be your best investment.