Snow Dragon

Snow removal is a fact of life here in the northeast. It may be July, but unfortunately it is time to start thinking about snow removal options. Snow Dragon snow removal systems offer an alternative approach that can save you time and money and help alleviate environmental concerns as well.

When the snow starts to fly, you have to do something about it if you’re responsible for maintaining roadways, walkways, parking areas and similar facilities. There are different types of snow removal systems designed to address different situations. Most rely on pushing show aside or scooping it into trucks and hauling it to somewhere else. But where? Space is limited, and piling up snow can create future problems.

Besides, hauling is expensive. It’s labor-intensive and time-consuming. And if you’re dealing with extra-large expanses such as parking lots, airports and so on, the entire challenge takes on even greater proportions. The Snow Dragon can make anyone’s life easier, but the bigger the job, the more you’ll appreciate the advantages if melting snow rather than stock-piling it or hauling it.

Mother Nature meets high tech

Snow DragonSnow Dragon is a patented snow removal system that uses the latest heat exchanger technology to melt snow rather than moving it. There is a melting pan that mounted over a hot water bath that incorporates heat exchanger tubes. The melting process is simple:

  • The tubes heat the water, which is sprayed over the snow to melt it. The system is entirely closed, so there is no possibility of contaminants getting into the resulting water.
  • The melted snow moves through a screen to filter out any debris and is then transferred back into the water hopper for reheating. The debris filter can be cleaned while the melter is working or afterward.
  • When the water level is high enough, it moves through a weir that removes debris, oil and anything else that is non-soluble.
  • The clean water is then discharged underneath the melter. That means you can park over a catch basin, storm drain, etc. You can also use a hose to divert the water to another area.

It takes just one person to operate the Snow Dragon.

There’s a Snow Dragon for every size need

Snow DragonThere are four standard models of Snow Dragon snow melters – SND580, SND900, SND1800 and SND5400. All are available as self-contained diesel-fired portable units, nice because you can easily transport them from one location to another as needed. All models are also available as stationery machines. Snow Dragon can customize any unit to match your specific requirements. That includes building the equipment on a skid for truck mounting, or configuring it to run on natural gas.

Why melt snow instead of hauling it?

After a few years of extra-heavy snowfall, it has become glaringly apparent that stock-piling snow during the winter is not practical. It takes up space needed for other things, and eventually it needs to be moved again – or accessibility may be limited long into the summer until all snow is melted. When snow is piled in areas normally needed for parking, etc., that unusable space can represent lost revenue. Snow piles can also pose public safety concerns. And labor, fuel and other costs associated with hauling snow are on the rise.

Snow removal is a predictable need, but timing and volume are not at all predictable. Snow removal systems that melt snow in place offer far greater flexibility and reliability when it comes to responding quickly and efficiently, even to the toughest of storms.

Winter may seem like a long way off right now, but that makes this the ideal time to reassess your snow removal strategy for next season. Compare your recent costs of snow removal to Snow Dragon operating costs. When you add in intangibles such as greater efficiency, you may find that melting is more cost-effective as well as more efficient. In fact, Snow Dragon claims melting can reduce your expenses by as much as half.
Snow Dragon