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U.S.A. Bridges and Roads Being Built By Chinese Firms?????


Chinese Bridge Jobs

That's right.....our tax dollars are at work for china. A story recently done by ABC News reports that Obama has approved for U.S. bridge projects to be constructed by Chinese contractors. This information has been a blow to American citizens who are unable to find work in the United States. Supporters claim that there is a shortage of skilled American welders and this has become a large issue for American contracting firms. Bridge jobs have already been awarded to the Chinese in New York, California and there are more on the way. Obama has promised new jobs in the U.S. by improving our infrastructure, but it seems our tax dollars are at work for China. Many worry that more and more jobs will continue to be outsourced to other countries.


These bridge projects are large jobs and could provide thousands of jobs for U.S. workers. Our infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes and something needs to be done about it, and this is the perfect opportunity to create new jobs for Americans right here on American soil. This is not the time to send more jobs to other countries. Our tax dollars will provide thousands of jobs right here at home.


This is another reason to bring back vocational high school class's and push trade schools. This country needs skilled american tradesmen and women, Higher education (college grads) can't find work and we then give away jobs because their are no tradesmen.
Posted @ Saturday, May 12, 2012 11:38 AM by Lee
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