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Downspeeding: What You Need to Know

Posted by on 28 June 2016

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Downspeeding is no doubt here to stay as a strategy to increase fuel efficiency and cut back on negative environmental impacts from burning that fuel. Downspeeding accomplishes this by running engines slower at cruising speeds. But this significantly affects how Class 8 trucks function. If you don't understand what's different - and how to proactively address those issues - you could easily wind up with fractured components. No savings there.

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The Best Of Both Worlds | Western Star 5700XE Is Aerodynamic & Fuel Efficient

Posted by on 22 June 2016

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What's sleek and stylish and savings-conscious? If you answered the new Western Star 5700 XE, you are absolutely right. On the other hand, if you'se like most people, you're more likely to associate words like "rugged" and "powerful" with Western Star trucks. In the 5700XE, you get it all - a long tradition of top-of-the-line toughness for off-road applications plus impressive fuel economy and aerodynamic styling that take on-highway driving to a new level.

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Soil Compaction 101: Effective Road Building Preparation

Posted by on 14 June 2016

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It's road-building season again. It's a process that probably looks simple to folks not associated with the construct ion industry. But insiders know better. If you don't get the roadway foundation just right, things can go very wrong down the road, so to speak. Proper soil compaction is critical.

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