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Allied Construction Products Serving Up A Variety of Demolition Attachment Options Since 1942

Posted by on 15 October 2015

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When you need to break things up, you need Allied Construction Products' Rammer series hammers. Allied is widely recognized as the leader when it comes to manufacturing hydraulic breakers - no surprise since they invented the high performance boom-mounted hydraulic hammer and have been perfecting their products for more than 70 years.

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Workplace Hazards

Construction Safety: Be Prepared for the Dangers of Demolition Work

Posted by on 16 April 2014

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Sometimes you have to tear things down before you can begin new construction. Demolition is a normal part of life, but it can be particularly dangerous work. Every contractor and every worker knows that jobsite safety is crucial, but you should always approach each demo project with extreme caution.

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Proper Maintenance is Key To Getting the Most Out Of A Mobile Shear

Posted by on 26 November 2013

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It's the same with any tool. If you take care of it, it will last longer. And the more expensive the tool, the more important this concept becomes. A mobile shear is a critical component to keep your business running productively, and you can easily expect to get hundreds of hours of work from it.

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Tappan Zee Rebuild Receives Federal Approval

Posted by on 6 December 2012

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We first talked about the Tappan Zee Bridge rebuild project back in August. The project has hit a major milestone, and Governor Andrew Cuomo says the hardest part is now over. The environmental impact statement for the new Tappan Zee Bridge was presented to the federal government and was approved. The building plans include numerous steps that will be taken to reduce the environmental impact of the construction on the fish in the area as well as local residents. These precautions were highlighted in our blog "Less Disruptive Construction Plans For Tappan Zee".

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Less Disruptive Construction Plans for Tappan Zee

Posted by on 23 August 2012

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The spring and summer months remind us of what a nuisance infrastructure construction can be. A report was released on August 1st regarding the Tappan Zee Bridge rebuild, it included information on what efforts will be made to reduce the effects of the project for both human and animal residents. An environmental impact statement was released in January stating that the bridge will have no major, lasting environmental effects; local residents still have their own concerns.

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