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The 2014 Construction Industry Forecast: Is It Finally on the Rise?

Posted by on 26 March 2014

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What's your Optimism Quotient? Wells Fargo Equipment Finance has released the results of their annual construction industry survey, and the numbers indicate optimism among both contractors and dealerships is the highest it's been in a number of years. Against a benchmark score of 100 that indicates ?igh?optimism, the survey revealed a score of 124 for 2014. That's up from 106 last year and a miserable 42 in 2009.

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Do You Know Your True Cost of Ownership?

Posted by on 3 February 2014

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For construction equipment managers, understanding your true total cost of ownership (TCO) is critical. You need the information to price jobs, so you can bid intelligently and actually make money. You need the information to accurately compare new equipment you'se considering purchasing. And you need the information to make cost-effective daily operations decisions such as determining which machines are the best choice for each job.

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