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Overcome the Polar Vortex with the Best Equipment and a Smart Plan

Posted by on 13 February 2014

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It's the year of the Polar Vortex. As you read this, yet another massive winter storm is rolling up the East Coast, bringing unprecedented cold and snow even to states that almost never see such weather. And while those of us in the Northeast may be used to harsh winters, trucking companies and heavy equipment operations can? afford to simply ?ake it in stride.?For truck drivers, storms can literally be a matter of life and death. And for municipalities, state transportation agencies and private businesses, repeated efforts to move and remove accumulating snow can be a round-the-clock struggle.

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Hyundai Construction: New HL730-9A boasts a number of improvements

Posted by on 6 February 2014

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Meet the newest wheel loader from Hyundai Construction: the HL730-9A. It has everything you? expect in a Hyundai, only it's better because it incorporates numerous improvements over its predecessor. Whether you'se working construction, demolition, recycling or utility jobs, this machine can help you work smarter and save money, too.

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Hyundai Construction Introduces New R220LC-9A Crawler Excavator

Posted by on 9 January 2014

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Fast. Powerful. Comfortable. Convenient. Easy to service. Long-life components. You can have it all with the new Hyundai Construction R220LC-9A crawler excavator. This state-of-the-art machine is specifically designed to handle all your mid-size earthmoving projects as well as road and utility work and demolition. With the R220LC-9A, you get stronger-than-ever performance, precision handling, outstanding versatility and the industry-leading quality that defines Hyundai Construction equipment. More productivity, with less operator effort.

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Hyundai Construction Offers Complete Versatility In Compact Excavators

Posted by on 30 August 2013

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The ability to maneuver safely and efficiently in cramped working conditions can make your excavation jobs go faster. And that boosts profitability. But you can't get the job done without adequate power to dig and move material. The new line of compact radius excavators from Hyundai Construction has you covered, with models that assure state-of-the-art performance in even the tightest spaces.

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Hyundai Construction Introduces New Compaction Line

Posted by on 13 August 2013

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Hyundai construction has recently introduced their new HR series of compaction equipment -- 4 models, including three drum rollers and a soil compactor. (Note: These machines are not yet available in the North American Market)

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The New Hyundai Construction Tier 4 HL770-9A and HL780-9A Loaders

Posted by on 23 July 2013

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Once again Hyundai Construction has produced state-of-the-art equipment that can withstand the test of time as well as whatever job-site conditions throw your way. This time it's the new HL770-9A and HL780-9A wheel loaders -- designed with you in mind, if your days include quarry, aggregate or truck loading work.

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Hyundai Construction Introduces Three New Tier 4 Crawler Excavators

Posted by on 27 June 2013

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Dirt. Soil. Earth. Whatever you call it, sometimes you have to move tons of it before you can proceed with the rest of your project. Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has introduced three Tier 4 crawler excavators specifically engineered for mid- and large-scale earthmoving jobs.

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