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Compact Excavators: Small, yet still hefty enough to get the job done!

Posted by on 27 February 2015

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Not every excavator is right for every digging and lifting job. No matter what your construction projects are like, productivity and profitability depend on choosing the right machine. Compact excavators in the 3- to 4-ton range have proven to be an ideal choice for a wide range of jobs, thanks to their versatility.

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Hyundai Construction Offers Complete Versatility In Compact Excavators

Posted by on 30 August 2013

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The ability to maneuver safely and efficiently in cramped working conditions can make your excavation jobs go faster. And that boosts profitability. But you can't get the job done without adequate power to dig and move material. The new line of compact radius excavators from Hyundai Construction has you covered, with models that assure state-of-the-art performance in even the tightest spaces.

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Kobelco Mini Excavators: Powerful Machines For Confined Areas

Posted by on 25 June 2013

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Wouldn't it be nice if all your job sites were wide open? Expansive, with plenty of room to maneuver? Ha! No such luck. The reality of construction life is that you often need equipment that can fit into those inevitable tight spots. Machines like Kobelco mini-excavators.

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10 Things To Consider Before Renting a Compact Excavator

Posted by on 19 March 2013

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  Are you thinking about renting a Compact Excavator? Ask yourself these 10 questions before you do so you can choose the right machine for the job. Make sure you know all of the details about the jobsite and materials in question so you can understand the importance of each component of the equipment and communicate that with your rental coordinator

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Tips For Identifying Undercarriage Wear on Compact Excavators

Posted by on 8 March 2013

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Take the time to inspect and maintain your compact excavator daily.

The undercarriage is the most costly part of a compact excavator and can make up almost 20% of the machines purchase price and nearly 50% of the machines maintenance costs. These valuable components should never be neglected.

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