The Best Of Both Worlds | Western Star 5700XE Is Aerodynamic & Fuel Efficient

Posted by on 22 June 2016

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What's sleek and stylish and savings-conscious? If you answered the new Western Star 5700 XE, you are absolutely right. On the other hand, if you'se like most people, you're more likely to associate words like "rugged" and "powerful" with Western Star trucks. In the 5700XE, you get it all - a long tradition of top-of-the-line toughness for off-road applications plus impressive fuel economy and aerodynamic styling that take on-highway driving to a new level.

Built with specific buyers in mind

The aerodynamic, fuel-efficient 5700 XE was created to appeal to certain audiences:

  • Owner-operators that want a premium vehicle
  • Owner-operators about to buy the final truck of their driving career
  • Small fleet owners looking for a distinctive look for their brand
  • Larger fleet owners that purchase ?eward trucks?for their top drivers


Feature-rich, with loads of options

Since 2000, Western Star has been a Daimler brand, along with Freightliner. Daimler is well known for innovative design and technology, and the new 5700XE reflects that. It is, according to Western Star's General Manager Michael Jackson, "a powerful solution." Jackson says XE stands for extreme efficiency, and that "summarizes what this truck is all about."

Naturally, you have your choice of engines -- you can choose the DD13, DD15 or DD16. The truck comes standard with the Detroit DT12 automated transmission. Or you could opt for Daimler Intelligent Powertrain Management system. That comes with Detroit axles, and the entire system has been configured and geared to be as fuel efficient as possible.

In fact, Ann Demitruk, Marketing Manager for Western Star, says Daimler Trucks North American has tested the Western Star 5700XE and found it offers similar fuel efficiency to the leading truck model.

You also have a choice when it comes to sleeper combinations. The truck has a 126-inch BBC with a set back axle. But that's just the beginning. The company says "very feature and component of this truck was refined to get maximum aerodynamics, efficiency and dependability....without sacrificing the kind of looks that let everyone know this aerodynamic truck is a Western Star."

Exactly what does that mean? Just check out these features:

  • You can say goodbye to squeaky, rattling rivets, thanks to the all-welded and bonded steel cab. It has a galvannealed finish and a bonded windshield.
  • The drag-neutral sun visor has a stainless steel leading edge and comes with stylish LED marker lights. The truck actually features LED marker lights throughout as well as LED turn signals, because these lights are more energy-efficient, more aerodynamic, more visible and far longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs.
  • The stainless steel grille surround and bars gleam with a high-polish finish and incorporate a perforated steel bug/rock screen.
  • Three-piece headlights are cheaper to replace, because they use easy-to-find standard halogen bulbs.
  • There is a high-capacity air cleaner, fed by dual side hood air intakes.
  • The steering column is infinitely adjustable. It features self-canceling turn signals and windshield washer control. With the DT12 transmission, the steering column also includes transmission stalk control.
  • Top that off with the smartest (and smartest-looking) steering wheel ever. It offers integrated controls for cruise control, cruise interrupt and the stereo system, plus a Bluetooth connection for your mobile phone. You can keep your hands on the wheel, and you?l want to, with a choice of leather-wrapped or wood finish.
  • Getting in and out of the cab is easier and safer, because the 5700XE has the industry's largest door opening. Door hinges are made of forged steel and are mounted internally. They won? sag like piano hinges, and since they'se protected from the weather and road grime, they are more durable.
  • Doors and the cab have full-perimeter weather seals. That boosts HVAC efficiency and helps with sound-proofing. Thermal and acoustic insulation are further improved by use of barium insulation between the double walls of the steel cab and by thick floor pads.


There's more, but you get the picture

And you're probably picturing yourself in the driver's seat right now. Why not find out first-hand what it's like to take the wheel of the industry's hottest new truck? Western Star is now taking orders, and you could be on the road in your new 5700XE by early next year.

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