Schwarze RoadPatcher Line

Schwarze RoadPatcher Line


Road Repair Units

Road repair units for safe, consistent, cost-effective asphalt repair requiring only one operator.


 Schwarze RoadPatcher

Road maintenance is unavoidable, but with the RoadPatcher from Schwarze, you will be operating in the black. The RP006 is the safest way to perform road patching maintenance because it requires only one operator who works from the drivers position in the cab.

Schwarze RP006 Brochure Schwarze RoadPatcher

Spray Patchers

 Schwarze SprayPatchers

The Schwarze SprayPatcher line is the latest design available on the market. SprayPatchers are designed to repair potholes, alligator cracks, utility cuts, shoulder work and makes a permanent repair that can outlast the road.


Schwarze SprayPatcher

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