Is Winter A Profitable Time For Your Construction Business?

Is Winter A Profitable Time For Your Construction Business? Good weather only lasts so long. Will your construction business still be bringing in solid revenue this winter, or will you be sitting around wishing your work wasn’t so seasonal? Just because traditional construction projects happen in warmer, drier months does not mean you and your […]

Winter Weather Operation Checklist for Construction Equipment Safety

Winter’s worst weather just keeps coming this year. While you’re probably wishing for spring right now, you still have to safely navigate construction sites in this winter weather. Construction equipment safety is always top-of-mind for operators and project managers, but now you need to be more vigilant than ever. Here are some reminders about how to […]

6 Truck Driving Tips for Driving In Winter Weather

With this winter already showing her nasty side, it’s a good time for a little refresher on key truck driving tips for winter weather. Here are six reminders that will help you stay safe on the road and help those driving around you stay safer, too. Wind exacerbates winter weather. Wind is the enemy of […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Have You Winterized Your Freightliner?

The snow’s already falling across much of the country, and we’ve seen some short but significant storms blow through. But winter is just getting started. So if you haven’t already winterized your Freightliner, it’s not too late. Taking a few precautions can keep you on the road – safely – rather than stuck in a […]

Get in Gear for Winter with Tracey Road Equipment

Let Tracey Road Equipment Keep You Ahead of the Snow! Tis the season for snow! It’s hard to believe it’s already December and the official start to winter is upon us, but it’s only a matter of time until the snow is flying and we start accumulating several feet of the white stuff.  And with […]

Oshkosh H-Series– Handle the most severe winter climate conditions

When you’re from Oshkosh, you know a thing or two about frigid, snowy winters. No wonder Oshkosh Corporation’s been the industry leader in airport and roadway snow removal for more than half a century. The Oshkosh H-Series family of equipment can plow, blow or sweep anything Mother Nature throws your way, powerfully and efficiently. The […]

How to Prepare Construction Equipment for the Winter

With snow season just around the corner you need to take the appropriate measure to prepare your construction equipment. Here are some basic tips to help you: Check all lights Check windsheild wipers and washers Check batteries Check all fluid levels Change engine oil and filters Replace all fuel filters Check all engine belts Check […]

Bucket List for A Well-Maintained Bucket

Bucket List for A Well-Maintained Bucket The summer season may be over, but if you plan to use your machine this winter, a well-maintained bucket remains a top priority. Of course, you’ll want to be sure the machine itself is winter-ready, but the bucket is the business end of the machine. Whether you’ll be moving […]

Machine Replacement: Should You, or Shouldn’t You?

Machine Replacement: Should You, or Shouldn’t You? New or used, construction equipment is expensive. You need to get the longest, most productive life from every machine. Here at Tracey Road Equipment, we know our customers often struggle over whether to repair or replace aging machines. It can be a tough decision that directly affects your […]