WS Con 4700SB Day Dump 03rDrivers and owners asked for it.  And now Western Star has created it.  The entirely new Western Star 4700 is the latest addition to the company’s long line of powerful, dependable yet versatile heavy-duty trucks.

Everybody knows about Western Star.  They’ve been around for decades.  The company started in the logging industry and grew up understanding what hard work and demanding conditions are all about.  Now they’re a worldwide leader, making rugged, adaptable trucks for every heavy-duty application imaginable.

The new Western Star 4700 is no exception.  These vocational trucks make an ideal working partner for all types of construction, towing and recovery and municipal applications.  They can do the job every day, even in extreme weather.

The new 4700 series upholds Western Star’s reputation for producing nothing but the best, with features that make sense.  The Western Star 4700 was literally designed in consultation with owners and drivers – the people who know best exactly which details matter.  And which ones don’t.

Superior quality is never an option.

The Western Star 4700 looks, feels and performs better because it is better.  Each truck is not only custom-designed, it’s custom-crafted by hand, because total control guarantees total quality, every time.

The Western Star 4700 integrates the best in technical engineering with simple, straightforward design, wiring that’s easy to access, and lots of factory-installed options.

Thoughtful details that make a big difference, from all-steel cabs that resist corrosion to greaseable threaded spring pins that stay put within the shackle for better stability and handling.

The Western Star 4700 even includes some intriguing body builder-inspired details that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Western Star trucks are quiet.  And they’re comfortable, because at the end of the day drivers shouldn’t feel like they’ve been doing all the heavy lifting.  And Western Star trucks are handsome, in a truck sort of way.  Because even the toughest guy wants to clean up nice.

Smarter design is more efficient.  And it comes together faster, to get each new truck out the door and on the job sooner.

Western Star trucks are all about options.

Actually, Western Star offers more than 3600 options inside and out, front to back, top to bottom.  But there’s always room for more.  The new  4700 series was developed with customer input, and Western Star believes the work of improvement is never done.

western star 4700SB rail rear viewWith the right options, trucks and drivers can function smoothly and efficiently.  So the Western Star 4700 includes choices such as:

  • Chassis configurations with set-back (SB model) or set-forward axle (SF model).
  • Two Cummins and one Detroit Diesel engines, all plenty tough to tackle any job, day after day.  The DD13 can even reduce off-road fuel consumption as much as 5%.
  • Ergonomic and well-organized interiors with multiple color and materials options,  plenty of storage space and roomier capacity.
  • Cab options.
  • Exhaust options.
  • The list goes on and on.

Reliability depends on support that never sleeps.

Just like the trucks themselves, Western Star never stops performing.  Every customer gets individualized truck design assistance, affordable financing, and the industry’s top-rated worldwide parts distribution and service availability.  No compromises, no “good enough” attitude.

With Western Star “budget conscious” never means cutting corners.  It means combining on-the-ground trucking intelligence with innovative technology to create a streamlined, lighter-but-just-as-robust truck that’s cost-effective, both up front and down the road.

Heavy duty trucks are a major investment.  They have to perform beyond expectations in every way, for many years.  That’s why the all-new Western Star 4700 is the best choice for today’s vocational truck needs.  And no other truck comes with body-building features.


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