A-Ward Container Loaders

A-Ward Container Loaders

A tailored tilter system to benefit your bottom line!

AwardEvery business that handles bulk materials is unique. When it comes to loading and unloading material, “One Size” does not work for everyone. That’s why A-Ward has developed the versatile MiTilt system – a customized tilting solution to fit you bulk material handling needs.

0°-70° and 0°-90° Options

A-Ward Container Loaders A-Ward Container Loaders

Lift your performance and profitability by:

  • Cost-efficiently matching the tilting options to your individual operational needs.
  • Considerably reducing the loading time for each container. Time is money.
  • Saving on operational staff required without compromising safety.
  • Increasing product throughput and turnaround, thereby maximizing cash flow and being able to take advantage of favorable international pricing.