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A-Ward MiSlide Container Loaders- Innovation in Container Loading

Recently we talked about A-Ward’s container tilters and the many advantages they can bring to materials handling operations. But A-Ward didn’t stop at inventing one innovative container loader, they also created the MiSlideTM horizontal loader. Like the tilter, this machine can load 20- or 40-foot containers, faster, safer and more efficiently.

Because of its unique configuration, it’s especially handy for operations that suffer from limited space to maneuver. The A-Ward   MiSlideTM is energy-efficient, easy to operate and requires almost no maintenance.

The A-Ward MiSlideTM can load a container in five minutes.

Award MislideThe entire process is so simple. You fill the MiSlideTM chamber, the truck backs the container over the loader like a sleeve, then draws the load into the container as it pulls forward. No muss, no fuss. Every move is streamlined and efficient. And there’s virtually no way to damage the container.

Operators don’t even have to step out of the cab. The Auto-Locker mechanism locks and unlocks automatically, which saves time and ensures safety. And the remote-operated hydraulic alignment control keeps the reversing trailer on a straight path. This loader uses the same automatic digital weighing system as A-Ward’s tilters, so you always get an immediate, accurate figure, and you can achieve maximum fill for each load. Weight is displayed on the power pack as well as the hand-held remote control screen.

No telescopic ram means dramatically less maintenance.

Operators that use traditional horizontal loaders with a huge telescoping ram often complain about the unexpectedly high costs of operating and maintaining the equipment, as well as the need to eventually replace this critical moving part. Since the A-Ward MiSlideTM doesn’t use a ram, it can run comfortably on a 23 hp motor, substantially lowering power or fuel costs. You actually have a choice or electric or diesel self-contained power units.

With the A-Ward MiSlideTM, your loading footprint is barely larger than the truck itself. And because it’s a one-person job to operate, you can lower labor costs, too.

Does your operation compact materials into bales?

You can get an optional compactor for the MiSlideTM, then pack multiple bales into the loading chamber just as you would loose material. The compactor can be added to a new loader or retrifitted to an existing model. It’s a great tool to quickly process and transport material to an offsite shredding yard.

The A-Ward MiSlideTM horizontal loader is useful for both lightweight and heavy gauge material. It works easily with 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers as well as other bulk material trailers. In these days of tighter margins, equipment that can help you work faster, safer and more accurately with significantly reduced costs is certainly worth a long look.

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