FRD – Furukawa Small Hydraulic Breakers

More mounting options – Less Maintenance

The unique mono-block design is a result of years of engineering refinement and field experience. Two moving parts simplifies the hammer operation and reduces the chance of downtime. The advanced hydraulic circuit provides increased flow to the valve and piston, resulting in faster cycle times, increased tool penetration and more productivity per hour than on previous models.

Kent Fx15/25/35 HammersFRD FXA

Due to a small footprint, these breakers are ideal for use in tight work envelopes, sidewalk, driveway removal or any other demolition task. The Fx15, Fx25 and Fx35 are available for use on mini-excavators, compact utility loaders and skid steer loaders. The Fx35 QT is for use in environments where excessive noise levels are a consideration. Mounting options are endless and can accommodate any carrier, or combination of carriers or specific application.

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Kent Fx45/55Kent FX45 Hammer

These dependable hammers are available in a variety of mounting configurations enabling them to be easily attached to mini-excavators, skid steer loaders and rubber-tired backhoes. Performance features and mounting options make these hammers ideal for site preparation, foundation removal, road repair, driveway and sidewalks or pedestrian bridges.

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