Terex Trucks

Articulated Trucks

The new range of Terex articulated trucks boast capabilities from 25 to 38 tons. On sites ranging from sand and gravel quarries to coal mines and road construction projects, Terex articulated trucks are designed to keep your productivity levels high, fuel consumption low and cycle times short.


  • High-power and high-torque for superb performance.
  • Automatic transmission with manual over-ride for optimum shifting.
  • Automatic limited slip differentials in each axle for superior traction.
  • Refined, quiet cab for outstanding operator comfort.


Terex TA250 Maximum Payload (US Tons) 27.5
Engine Power (SAE hp) 311 hp.
Heaped Capacity (yd³) 20.3
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Terex TA300 Maximum Payload (US Tons) 30.9
Engine Power (SAE hp) 370 hp.
Heaped Capacity (yd³) 22.9
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Terex TA400 Maximum Payload (US Tons) 41.9
Engine Power (SAE hp) 444 hp.
Heaped Capacity (yd³) 30.3
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