Snow Dragon

Winter’s just about here. And that means another season of scooping, piling or hauling snow to keep your operation up and running. Whether you’re managing a huge commercial airport or a smaller facility, you’re in charge of municipal snow removal or you’re a snow contractor, you’ll be happy to know there’s a better way – the Snow Dragon snow melter.

Snow Dragon’s process is very different from traditional snow melters. In fact, it’s so revolutionary, the system is patented. You can save time and money, producing water that’s cleaner than the snow you melted.

The Snow Dragon system is simple but effective.

snow dragonYou dump snow and ice into the melting pan, which is positioned over a hot water bath that contains heat exchanger tubes. The unit is highly efficient because it gets very hot, very fast. In addition, warm water is also sprayed over the top of snow as it’s added to the melting pan. The system is entirely enclosed, preventing contaminants from entering the water bath or melted snow.

Melting snow moves down the pan, where it’s screened of debris and returned to the hopper for re-heating. The water passes through a weir, where it’s further separated from any remaining debris, oils and other non-soluble materials. It’s then discharged under the melter unit. You can easily dispose of the water by parking the unit over a storm drain or catch basin or using a hose to transfer runoff to another nearby location.

Removable debris baskets allow you to clean the system even as it’s working, and convenient clean-out doors open for debris removal when the job is finished.

Four models cover the gamut of snow melting jobs.

Diesel-powered units are self-contained and trailer-mounted for each transport from one job site to another. There are four models, all of which are also available as stationary or in-ground units, or they can be skid-mounted for use on a rollaway truck. You can also order a customized unit. All models offer easy one-person operation, and they run quietly. All come with plug-and-play components and dual snow loading access.

The SND580 makes removing snow from smaller areas or the top deck of your parking garage a snap. Its low profile maneuvers smoothly through the garage, and you can tow the dual-axle unit with a properly sized Ford 150 or Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. It has built-in lighting and audible and visual alarms. It can melt 18 tons of snow per hour.

Snow DragonThe SND900 is great for strip malls, parking lots, schools and ballfields, so it’s popular with snow removal contractors, landscapers and municipalities. Its tri-axle trailer is easily portable, sized to fit in tight places. This unit can melt 30 tons of snow per hour.

The SND1800 is your choice for commercial locations such as stadiums, hospitals, shopping centers and large parking lots. It’s mounted on a custom trailer and features two independent burners. If one goes down, the unit keeps working while you make repairs. This unit includes protective guardrails, built-in lighting and both visual and audible alarms. It melts up to 60 tons of snow per hour.

The SND5400 is hefty enough to handle snow removal at airports and other huge facilities, melting up to 180 tons of snow per hour. It has six burners and offers the same “keep on working” repair option, should one of the burners shut down. You can order the SND5400 as a diesel-powered mobile unit or as a stationery unit using either diesel or natural gas.

Snow Dragon snow melters offer real benefits.

The more time and fuel you expend on snow removal, the more it costs. Snow Dragon snow melters can save as much as 50% compared to the cost of traditional hauling operations. Your facility can remain secure, and you can eliminate the hassle of looking for places to pile up snow. You could diversify your business, or simply manage varied snow removal operations more efficiently.


‘Tis the season to think about snow melters. But note that each manufacturer describes their specs in a somewhat different way. The only way you can effectively compare Snow Dragon snow melters to others is by using the BTU rating.


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