New Positions Added at Daimler Trucks

Given the recent turbulent times in the global economy, there has not been much to look forward to, especially in the transporation industry.  There is a saying, “As transportation goes, so goes the ecomony”.  If that is the case, then the news released last week from Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is music to the ears of many.

In a press release on October 20, 2011, DTNA announced plans to ramp up production at its manufacturing plant located in Portland, OR.  By the end of 2012 it is estimated that the truck manufacturer will create an additional 350 jobs which will represent a 50% increase in personnel at the plant, which makes the pretigious Western Star brand Class 8 trucks.

western starwestern star 4700

Western Star builds highly customized, premium, heavy duty trucks which are sold internationally for use in mining, logging, oil field and construction, as well as on-highway trucks and other specialized vehicles.  Together, these vehicles will represent about 2% of all North American truck sales this year.

This welcome news may provide some insight for all of us with questions about the recent state of the ecomony.  With the nearly 50% addition of employees one can certainly make some optimistic predictions that such a seasoned company would only do so if demand is there and expected to continue.  Are we well on the sought after track of recovery?  Only time will tell, but it certainly beats alternative news of plants and facilities closing down.

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