We females have no voice when it comes to heavy trucks and machinery, and personally I am not really looking for a voice.  Mainly because heavy trucks and construction equipment isn’t really my “thing”.  The only thing that comes to mind when I think of heavy machinery is those obnoxiously loud machines that wakes us up at 5am while men drill away on our local streets and highways.  About a week ago, we held our annual Open House here at Tracey Road Equipment and I had the opportunity to drive one of our Skid Steers through an obstacle course.

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Having never been in any type of equipment before (and not even knowing that it was called a Skid Steer), I was a little reluctant to get in.  But of course peer pressure got the best of me and in I went.  Sitting in a powerful machine like that actually made me feel pretty cool… until I looked around and realized the only thing I recognized was the door to get back out.  Luckily, a very nice co-worker (thanks Cory) explained all the controls to me and I was on my way.  First of all, there are two “joysticks” on either side of you, one for each hand which are your gas and steering.  Push forward to go forward, pull back to go back, and one of each to turn either way.  Those were actually really cool, and operating this thing felt like I was in an arcade game… I loved it!  There are also two gas-looking petals under each foot which operate the bucket and that pretty much sums it up!  Now, I’ve worked here for almost three years and throughout those years, people have tried to teach me what equipment is what, what part goes where, and it usually goes in one ear and out the other.  But actually getting in something and operating it for the first time really opened my eyes to how this stuff really works and how fun it can be.  First step: Skid Steer, Next Step: World.


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