Freightliner Aero-enhanced Truck

Daimler’s Freightliner Trucks announced news of a newly re-designed truck for 2014 that will offer 9 miles per gallon fuel efficiency. The Cascadia Evolution heavy truck is designed with enhanced aerodynamics, automated manual transmission and an upgraded Detroit Diesel engine.

Most of the trucks on the road today are averaging about 6 MPG. Recently the federal government issued the first-ever federal mileage goals for commercial semis calling for a 20% increase in fuel efficiency. The federal government has estimated that these new fuel efficient trucks will add about $6,000 to the purchase price, but operators will gain much more in fuel cost savings over the life of the truck.

Freightliner conducted a cross country test that compared the new Cascadia Evolution to a current model Cascadia. Both trucks drove a 2,400 mile trip from San Diego, CA to Gastonia, GA with the same weight and an operating speed of 62 MPH. The current model Cascadia averaged 7 MPG while the Cascadia Evolution averaged 9.31 MPG.

Freightliner Trucks

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