Kawasaki Loaders

Scrap recycling applications are among the most challenging working environments. Whether you’re running a small salvage yard or a multi-location diversified enterprise, you need machinery that’s burly enough to handle huge heavy loads, reliable enough to minimize downtime and cost-effective to buy and operate. Kawasaki loaders have proven their worth in scrap handling for generations.

Kawasaki LoadersWith more than three decades of innovative engineering under their belt, Kawasaki is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of rubber-tire, articulated wheel loaders. Their single-line focus has enabled Kawasaki to design and produce machines aimed at your specific needs, including a wide range of optional attachments, guards and tires designed specifically for recycling conditions.

Kawasaki loaders work with buckets or forks to handle any type of scrap from cars and appliances to compost. They can accommodate both general-purpose and larger material-handling buckets, and you can add bucket scales to weigh material as it’s loaded.

The Z7 line is the latest series of Kawasaki loaders.

These scrap recycling workhorses have been entirely redesigned to provide better-than-ever reliability, productivity, serviceability, comfort and even good looks. They’re Tier 4i compliant, of course, and incorporate new patented technology and industry-exclusive details based on input from owners and operators like you who use these machines around the yard every day.

Kawasaki calls the Z7 line their “EPIC” generation.

  • They’re efficient and economical, with load-sensing hydraulics, fast cycle times, flex-shift, extended service intervals, lower operating costs and excellent fuel economy.
  • They’re powerful and productive, with strong, responsive Tier 4 engines,  power-on-demand control and standard wide-fin radiators with auto-reversing fans.
  • They’re intuitive and intelligent, with proprietary operating systems such as IntelliTech, IntelliDig, SimulLoad and Smooth Shift that customize power train and hydraulics adjustments.
  • They’re convenient and comfortable, with a quiet cab, full-length glass doors, panoramic front view, easy-to-use high-tech dashboard displays, standard rear camera, heated air ride seats, low profile dashboard, lots of operator safety features, expanded storage area and smoother handling.

Kawasaki loaders are even tougher when you add protective body guards.

Whether you’re moving ferrous or non-ferrous scrap, pushing or carrying material to a shredder or loading trucks or rail cars, it’s hardly a hospitable environment. Extensive guard options allow you to “armor” machines, which helps protect operators too. Specialized guards can prevent material from getting caught in the drivelines or in the middle of the undercarriage near the articulation area. Options include:

  • Articulation area guard
  • Front and rear chassis belly guards
  • Axle brake line guards
  • Headlight and taillight guards
  • Hinged cab windshield guard
  • Hydraulic and fuel tank guards
  • Radiator grille guard
  • Tilt cylinder rod guards
  • Fuel tank guards
  • Wheel seal guards for models with outboard final drive

Additional options include high lift arms and cab pressurizers that reduce interior dust. You can mix and match to meet your site’s specific conditions and your budget.

Post-sales support is critical for busy scrap recycling operations.

Simplified maintenance keeps Kawasaki loaders working longer, for increased productivity and cost savings that lead to better profitability. Streamlining includes ground-level access to routine maintenance areas and ground-level fueling, grouped lube points and longer service intervals. Serviceability-enhancing options include an auto-lube system, special air filter precleaners and finer mesh screening in the engine venting area to help keep debris out of the engine compartment.

But owners note it’s not only Kawasaki’s superior reputation, pricing considerations and ease of operation that matter. Having a dealership that’s committed to providing quickly responsive repair service can make the difference between cost-effective operations and expensive down time, something that’s especially important for operations that run long hours or even round the clock.

Kawasaki loaders can increase your productivity and help lower your costs. And that gives you a competitive edge.


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