Kawasaki Z7 Loaders

Total cost of ownership is today’s top business watchword, and for good reason. TCO is always important, but the need to consider long-term costs becomes crucial when you’re purchasing high-dollar construction equipment you expect to use for many years.Kawasaki has always had your back when it comes to reliability and productivity, but they’ve outdone themselves with the new Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders.

The new Z7 wheel loaders have gone high-tech. They’re easier to operate, more productive and more fuel efficient.

The nuts and bolts.

Kawasaki Z7 LoadersThe 85Z7:

  • 45,450 lb. weight
  • 221 net hp Isuzu engine
  • 4.1-5.2 cu. yd. bucket capacity
  • 34,870 lb. breakout force
  • 31,330 lb. full turn tipping load

The 90Z7:

  • 54,370 lb. weight
  • 280 net hp Hino diesel engine
  • 5.1-6.1 cu. yd. bucket capacity
  • 44,060 lb. breakout force
  • 36,070 lb. full turn tipping load

But the specs only tell you about the brawny side of Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders. It’s their brainy side that drives them to surpass previous machines in virtually every way. Because it’s not just what they can do, but how they do it that boosts your day-to-day productivity and gives you that bottom-line-friendly total cost of ownership.

What’s in it for you?

Efficiency, everywhere you look. Naturally, the engines meet Interim Tier 4 emission standards. The cooling system has been redesigned to function more effectively and more quietly. And you’ll enjoy more responsive performance, thanks to new hydraulic and electrical systems and structures, new powertrain components, load-sensing automatic transmissions and variable displacement piston pumps.

Kawasaki’s IntelliTech Operating System uses logic and intelligence to assist operators by automatically sensing and adjusting power needs based on load size, ground speed and working conditions:

  • Simuload enables simultaneous lift and tilt while digging.
  • QuickCycle shortens loading cycles.
  • FlexShift adjusts shift points to match work loads.
  • Efficient Acceleration prevents over-acceleration to save fuel.
  • AutoMode helps reduce operator fatigue and fuel consumption, with automatic first through fourth shifting for hill climbing or working the pile and second through fourth shifting for load and carry operations.
  • The DownShift switch enables manual or automatic downshifting for improved rimpull torque when digging.


And the patented IntelliDig system automatically senses and adjusts hydraulic power needs to balance rimpull and breakout force.
It all adds up to lower fuel consumption, even when you’re working the most demanding jobs.

Smart as they are, Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders don’t operate themselves.

Kawasaki Z7 Loaders>Operators will appreciate the upgraded cab that now offers:

  • Better visibility, including a standard rear-view camera.
  • High-tech dash monitor that puts driver controls and key operating data right in front of you, to fine tune performance and fuel economy.
  • Hydraulic-over-hydraulic pilot controls.
  • Quieter interior, with four times as much cab pressurization.
  • Better ventilation and thermostatically controlled air conditioning and better-designed ductwork.
  • Air ride seat with optional heating.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • AM/FM/CD music system.

Longer service intervals also save time and labor and keep machines on task. Standard HN linkage system bushings only need greasing every 500 hours, and KCM EX46 hydraulic oil only needs changing every 4000 hours.

Do the new Kawasaki Z7 wheel loaders cost more? Well, sure, what new equipment doesn’t? But with these machines, you get the total package. Toughness and reliability you expect from Kawasaki. Stronger performance, smoother operation and more standard features than ever. Easier, lower-cost maintenance. All topped off with lower fuel consumption. That’s total cost of ownership that makes sense.


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