Carlson Screeds

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Acquired by Astec Industries in 2000, Carlson is to the preeminent leader in highway class asphalt screeds in North America. Carlson develops an impressive array of seven platforms in front-mount, rear-mount and fixed width orientations, Carlson has become the industry leader on screed design and performance. With their flagship screeds in the EZIII, EZIV, EZV and EZR2. This line of screeds are able to be mounted to nearly any highway-class paver for the North American and Australian markets, contractors are able to achieve unsurpassed mat quality and unequaled wide width ability with Carlson’s leading platforms.

EZIII Front Mount Screed

Carlson EZIII Screed Standard Width 8′-13′ (EZIII-08)
Standard Width 10′-17′ (EZIII-10)
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EZIV Front Mount Screed

Carlson EZIV Screed Standard Width 8′-15′ (EZIV08)
Standard Width 10′-19′ (EZIV10)
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EZV Front Mount Screed

Carlson EZV Screed Standard Width 10′-19.5′ (EZV10)
Fixed Width 10′-30′
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EZR2 Rear Mount Screed

Carlson EZR2 Screed Standard Width 8′-15.5′ (EZR208)
Standard Width 10′-19.5′ (EZR210)
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