Hitachi Full-Size Excavators

Hitachi Full-Size Excavators

At Hitachi, we don’t get sidetracked building every kind of construction equipment. Instead, we build excavators. It’s that kind of focus, combined with our legacy of innovative technology, that results in highly efficient, reliable, and durable machines – our construction/production class excavators are no exceptions.


Hitachi ZX250LC-6

Engine 177 hp
Operating Weight 59,525 lbs
Max Dig Reach 35′-9″
Max Dig Depth 25′
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Hitachi ZX300LC-6

Engine 249.4 hp
Operating Weight 67,902 lbs
Max Dig Reach 37′
Max Dig Depth 25′-9″
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Hitachi ZX350LC-6

Engine 270.9 hp
Operating Weight 80,028 lbs
Max Dig Reach 38′-10″
Max Dig Depth 26′-9″
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Hitachi ZX380LC-6

Engine 271 hp
Operating Weight 82,515 lbs
Max Dig Reach 38′-11″
Max Dig Depth 26′-10″
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Hitachi ZX470LC-6

Engine 362.1 hp
Operating Weight 109,790 lbs
Max Dig Reach 41′
Max Dig Depth 27′
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Hitachi ZX670LC-6

Engine 462.7 hp
Operating Weight 151,237 lbs
Max Dig Reach 45′-4″
Max Dig Depth 30′
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Hitachi ZX870LC-6

Engine 512 hp
Operating Weight 186,511 lbs
Max Dig Reach 48′-10″
Max Dig Depth 31′-4″
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