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ASTEC Material Transfer Vehicles

Material Transfer Vehicles

Material transfer vehicles offer several unique advantages to the process of constructing asphalt pavements, including issues associated with trucking as well as material and thermal segregation. ASTEC MTV’s are designed to lower operating costs allowing for continuous paving and reducing the number of haul trucks needed.

ASTEC offers two different models of material transfer vehicles to address the needs of any hot or warm mix asphalt project.

MTV-1100e (Rubber Tire)Roadtec MTV-1100e

Operating Weight 47,890 Lbs.
Engine Tier 4F, 250 hp. (Cummins)
Mix Capacity NA
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MTV-1105e (Rubber Track)Roadtec MTV-1105e

Operating Weight 53,520 Lbs.
Engine Tier 4F, 250 hp. (Cummins)
Mix Capacity NA
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SB-1500eRoadtec SB-1500e

Operating Weight 67,240 Lbs.
Engine Tier 4F, 300 hp. (Cummins)
Mix Capacity 15 Tons
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SB-2500eRoadtec SB-2500e

Operating Weight 77,240 Lbs.
Engine Tier 4F, Cummins QSL 9 300 hp.
Mix Capacity 25 Tons
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SB-3000Roadtec SB-3000

Operating Weight 74,000 Lbs.
Engine Stage 5, Cummins B6.7 310 hp.
Mix Capacity 35 Tons
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