Speed Shore Aluminum Trench Shields

Aluminum Trench Shields

Speed Shore Aluminum Trench ShieldsModular Aluminum Panels (MAPS)

The Modular Aluminum Panel System (MAPS) are designed for high strength, ultra-light weight for ease of handling. Engineered with modular panels, end-members and adjustable spreaders creating a system that is light enough to be transported by a pickup truck. The MAPS system can quickly be configured for 2,3 or 4-sided applications. A 2 man team can easily assemble this system by hand on the jobsite and can be put into place with a backhoe or mini excavator.

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Speed Shore Aluminum Panel ShieldsAluminum Panel Shields (APS)

The Aluminum Panel Shields (APS) provide exceptional strength at in a ligh weight package. Aluminum Panel Shields weigh as little as half the weight of comparable steel trench shields. APS shields are engineered for municipalities, utility companies, plumbers and contractors. APS shields are a great soultion for contractors who generally use rubber tired backhoes or light excavators.

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speedshore SF-APSSteel Framed Aluminum Panel Shields (SF-APS)

For contractors needing a lightweight trench shield that can be pulled along a trench, Speed Shore offers Steel-Framed Aluminum Panel Shields (SF-APS). These shields are designed with aluminum panels for light weight, but offer a rugged steel frame, creating the only true aluminum wall “drag box” in the industry. Weighing in at about half the weight of comparable steel trench shields, the SF-APS is specifically designed for contractors, utilities, plumbers and municipalities who prefer the use of a rubber tired backhoe or light excavator, yet desire a durable, lightweight shield to pull along the trench as work progresses.

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