New York State’s Infrastructure Is Crumbling rapidly and continues to put our families and our economy at risk. Highways, roads and bridges across New York State continue to deteriorate and the longer we wait to address this problem, the more expensive the repair will be. A recent analysis of New York State’s transportation system found that it will take $175 Billion over the next 20 years to maintain out transit system. This study also found that an additional $75 billion is needed to repair and maintain out underground sewer and water system, ensuring clean drinking water for our families for years to come. These investments will support more than 60,000 construction jobs in regions across New York State and keep the economy moving.

During Governor Cuomo’s 2012 state of the state address, he cited the following statistics:

  • 32% Of New York State’s bridges are rated deficient.
  • 40% Of New York States roads are rated fair to poor and are getting worse each year.
  • 83% Of New York State Parks and DEC’s major dams are in poor condition.

What Can Be Done?