Terex Skid Steer

Terex has added two new models to their Generation 2 line of loaders – the R260S and V350S – bringing the total number of GEN2 skid steers to eight. Like their older cousins, these two latest models are versatile and efficient.

The entire GEN2 line has been deliberately designed to serve contractors whose work typically involves demolition, site prep, infrastructure development, construction and landscaping. That also makes these machines ideal additions to rental fleets.

The Terex skid steer model R260S uses a radius lift path.

With loader arms that raise in an arc pattern, this machine is just the ticket for applications such as digging, picking and carrying, grading, back-dragging, loading or snow removal. This type of lift path makes it easy for operators to see around the unit, which is a real plus when you’re working in close quarters such as near homes or other structures or existing landscaping.

Terex R260SR260S vital statistics look like this:

  • 5,200-lb. tipping load
  • 6,420-lb. bucket breakout force
  • 125 in. lift height
  • 25 in. reach
  • 7.425-lb. operating weight
  • 2,600 lb. rated operating capacity

Terex skid steer model V350S uses a vertical lift path.

Vertical lift means this model is an excellent choice for lift-and-carry applications, because it can lift very heavy loads. (It has great reach, too.) If you’re moving pavers, blocks, pipe, rebar or other heavy material, this is your machine.

Terex V350SV350S vital statistics look like this:

  • 7,000-lb. tipping load
  • 5,050-lb bucket breakout force
  • 5.540-lb. arm lifting force
  • 8,740-lb. operating weight
  • 3,500 lb. rated operating capacity

Both new models can bring you bottom-line benefits.

74 hp turbocharged Tier IV Final diesel engines and variable flow hydraulics make these skid steers powerful and productive, with quick cycle times. Their superior ground clearance and rear angle of departure help boost productivity and reduce operator frustration, making for a better day all around, even when you’re working on uneven or soft terrain. And with their excellent power and breakout forces, both these Terex skid steers can lift and push with ease, even under heavy loads.

But there’s more. Loader arms on either loader are designed to easily accommodate Loegering F- and Z-Series over-the-tire steel tracks. As an option, you can add the Loegering Versatile Track System (VTS), which is a complete rubber track undercarriage which bolts onto the skid steer’s standard hubs.

Terex Skid SteerLike all 8 GEN2 models, these new machines offer:

  • The best ground clearance in their class – 10.5 in. for the R260S and V350S
  • 28.3° angle of departure
  • Standard pilot controls
  • Ergonomic operator controls
  • Standard mechanical faced axle seals to protect bearings
  • Tilt-up ROPS and tilt-out coolers for fast, easy daily maintenance checks
  • Optional 2-speed with 12 mph top speed

Terex says all its GEN2 skid steers have been engineered in consultation with customers, so they are designed to offer maximum reliability and durability. All units come standard with mechanical-faced axle seals to help keep out dust, sand or debris. The overall result for you is greater productivity with less downtime, lower maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership.