Kawasaki 45ZV

Kawasaki has been an industry-leading manufacturer of articulated wheel loaders for more than 50 years. That’s the kind of experience that assures you’re getting equipment that will give you the results you need without wasting time or effort. Case in point? The new Kawasaki 45ZV wheel loaders.

Kawasaki 45ZV Wheel LoaderThe Kawasaki 45ZV comes in two versions — 45HP with .78 cubic yard capacity or 61HP with 1.18 cubic hard capacity. These machines prove once again that Kawasaki understands your world — what you need down to the smallest detail to make every job go more smoothly and efficiently. To help you increase productivity but reduce costs.

With in-house special application engineers at the ready, Kawasaki can quickly address emerging industry needs with effective solutions. Their innovative design starts with first-hand construction knowledge, then they bring in end-users – people like you who use the equipment on a daily basis – to help fine-tune the features.

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No wonder they’ve built a long-established reputation for quality and reliability that keeps you on the job and generating revenue. The Kawasaki 45ZV incorporates all the “large” features you want and need, in a small package. Check it out:


  • Wrap-around counterweight improves stability with a lower center of gravity.
  • Eco Mode, standard on 45VZ, reduces fuel consumption without reducing productivity.
  • Electronically-controlled HST smoothes acceleration and deceleration to stabilize engine speed.
  • Famously tough Kubota engine.
  • Standard third spool hydraulics.
  • Standard high ground speed.
  • Bucket leveler.
  • Optional manually-locking front differential or limited-slip differential.


  • Kubota engine complies with Tier 4 Interim Emissions standards.
  • Heavy box frame.
  • Fuel filters have built-in water separator.


  • Parking brake automatically locks when engine stops.
  • Shift lever locks to eliminate the possibility of engagement when engine is running.
  • Locking hydraulic control lever, fuel tank and engine cover.
  • Starts in neutral.
  • Optional ROPS/FOPS cab ensures a safest working environment.

Operator convenience and comfort.

  • Easy cab access from either side.
  • Rubber-mounted cab reduces vibration and noise.
  • Cold weather start mode.
  • At-a-glance data monitor.
  • Pillar-free design ensures unobstructed visibility.
  • Suspension seats.
  • Mirrors.
  • Windshield wipers.
  • Coat hook and cup holder.
  • Space to install a radio.

Service and maintenance.

  • Side-by-side mounted radiator and aluminum oil cooler enable easy access for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Pneumatic “one touch” access to engine compartment.
  • Easy access to filters, fillers and drains.
  • Remote rear axle trunnion grease applicator.
  • High-tech HN Bushings enable less frequent lubrication.


Kawasaki knows that time on the job is money earned. And that the job is often far more than challenging. Kawasaki 45ZV articulated wheel loaders are ready to get to work on your next job. They’re engineered to stay up and running, but you can be confident that when the time comes, comprehensive, quickly responsive dealer support is close at hand.


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