Terex Woodsman Chippers

Tracey Road Equipment is proud to announce the arrival of the Terex Woodsman hand-fed chipper line. Terex Woodsman is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of drum style, hand-fed and biomass chippers. With a line of chippers ranging from 27 hp to 275 hp, Tracey Road Equipment is sure to have the right chipper for your needs. Whether you are an arborist, land developer or utility contractor, we have you covered.

Woodsman 700/710- These units are light weight, making them easy to tow and maneuver. A perfect machine for brush crews. The simple design makes these machines extremely easy to operate.

Woodsman 730/750- These units are a little larger, but are easy to tow, making them great for commercial and municipal applications. The simple design makes these machines extremely easy to operate.

Woodsman 770/790- Chipper of choice for larger applications, available with tandem axle. These units are available with optional hydraulic winch that draws material to the chipper and limits the need for additional equipment at the job site.


Throat Opening

Gross Engine HP

Operating Weight

Woodsman 700 6″H x 6″W 27-35 HP. 1,925 LBS.
Woodsman 710 12″H x 6″W 35-47 HP. 2,750 LBS.
Woodsman 730 13″H x 18″W 84-99 HP. 5,200 LBS.
Woodsman 750 16″H x 24″W 125-140 HP. 7,200 LBS.
Woodsman 770 24″H x 24″W 142-250 HP. 9,000 LBS.
Woodsman 790 19″H x 36″W 173-275 HP. 12,000LBS.

The real Woodsman advantage is our clean and simple design. This will ultimately decrease your down time and increase your bottom line. Terex Woodsman chippers have fewer moving parts than other chippers on the market. These chippers offer many innovations such as their rear pivoting feed wheel and full pocket design. All Woodsman products are designed to resist the rigors of daily use and are built with solid steel components, less moving parts, and simple, clean, high-quality hydraulic systems. Strong emphasis has been placed on the design and manufacture of these chippers to insure that your operation can be more productive and profitable.


Visit Tracey Road Equipment today to see these and the many other quality product lines that we represent. Our highly qualified sales team is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our products. Our top priority is to be your fleet solution provider.


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