Autocar Xspotter


Tracey Road Equipment is proud to announce the arrival of the Autocar Xspotter yard tractor. The goal was to improve and upgrade a vehicle that has not changed much over the past 25 years. Autocar designed the new yard tractors to meet the harsh demands required by these vehicles, which are commonly used to move semi trailers and mobile containers from one location to another in ship and rail yards, container ports, warehouses and distribution centers. These vehicles often operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week in demanding conditions.

The Autocar Xspotter features 360 degree visibility, a more spacious cab, quiet, driver friendly operating environment and select components for greater reliability and durability. The Xspotter is available with a factory-built natural gas power as well as Cummins diesel power. Autocar has also partnered with Balqon Corporation to offer an integrated zero-emission lithium ion electric power system for the Xspotter. Another great feature that comes standard is the corrosion-resistant e-coated, steel constructed cab that will keep the truck body safe in the harsh conditions.


“The Autocar Xspotter offers the most well thought out, safest and modern tractor in the industry”

  • Maximized driver comfort and productivity.
  • Most spacious cab and largest windows for maximum visibility and safety (superior 360 degree driver visibility).
  • Heavy-duty steel, durable cab and chassis design.
  • Industry’s first e-coated cab eliminates cab corrosion.
  • Numerous safety features offered as standard.
  • A large selection of options allows you to tailor the truck to meet your operational needs.
  • Most comprehensive warranty coverage in this industry.
  • Equipped with widetrack front axle and steering system that maximizes the vehicle agility and minimizes its turning radius.

Yard tractors operate in very demanding applications: lots of starts and stops, heavy loads, forward/reverse/forward driving and tough driving conditions. The Xspotter is built to tackle these tough challenges. Autocar’s long history of custom-engineering and servicing severe service vocational trucks makes them a natural fit for the yard tractor market. Contact Tracey Road Equipment today and let our professional sales team review the Xspotter features with you.


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