Western Star 4900

Western Star 4900

The Western Star 4900 is powerful and versatile and can tackle the toughest jobs out there. The 4900 has a variety of different options available to help you spec the perfect truck for the job. Weather you are a heavy hauler or you are looking for a logging truck, Western Star has you covered.

Western Star provide excellent durability and serviceability. With features like grade 8 fasteners, copper brass radiators, as well as in-cab fuse panels, repairs can be made in the field and keep you working. Western Star offers a variety of frame options to create the perfect truck for your application. With several frame rail options and wheelbase options, creating the truck for you is easier than ever. Air and electrical lines are suspended away from the frame rails to prevent failures from debris buildup and can easily be accessed when body or equipment installations are needed. Everything about the 4900 is easily customizable.

Operator Comfort

Western star has designed the cab with room to work. With more storage, more space between the seats, greater visibility and more leg room the 4900 is a comfortable place to work. Both the door and cab have a weather seal that provides a quiet ride and better efficiency of HVAC systems. Suspended brake and clutch pedals prevent objects from becoming lodged behind the pedals. The 4900 is also equipped with convex gauges to improve readability and prevent driver fatigue.


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Western Star 4900