Western Star 6900

Western Star 6900

When you need to move mountains, the Western Star 6900 is the truck for the job. From hauling to logging to dump trucks, the 6900 can handle it all. As a tractor, the 6900 can haul loads over 500,000 lbs. Configured as a dump truck it can move 80,000 lbs. at a time. With many other options to choose from, the 6900 is as customizable as it is powerful.

Build exactly the truck you need. With our heavy-duty suspension and planetary axle options, you have the strength to carry massive loads with the gear sets that can actually move them. The 6900 is also offered with a quadruple frame rail option that gives the 6900XD a rating of 200 tons GCW, providing the strength to handle whatever you throw at it.


Western Star 6900Western Star 6900


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