Detroit Diesel

With reduced diagnostic time, faster identification of emerging issues, elimination of repeat service visits and an excellent service experience, Virtual Technician is another example of how Freightliner Trucks helps your fleet run smart.

Virtual Technician is an engine monitoring system designed by Detroit Diesel that alerts you of any problems with your truck fleet. When an issue is detected, the High-Definition GPS/JBUS system located in your truck, takes a snapshot of the trucks status for a period before and after the fault code event. This information is then sent to you via email. The notification will provide fault code description, Severity of the service, contact information for the customer support center and service locations available. This information goes straight to the source the second the fault code is issued, eliminating any delays.

Virtual Technician

With Virtual Technician riding along with you and monitoring every corner of your Detroit Diesel engine 24/7 and automatically diagnosing engine fault codes, you can stay on the road longer and be more procductive.

Visit Tracey Road Equipment today to learn more about Virtual Technician and what it can do for your business.


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