Virtual Technician: Keeps you on the road and out of the shop.

Freightliner is proud to offer Virtual Technician. With Virtual Technician a driver can now monitor every aspect of how their Detroit Diesel truck is running. This feature allows for real-time maintenance notifications and allows you to schedule service remotely when needed. No matter your vocation, this technology allows you to monitor how well your truck is running at all times. Your truck fleet needs to stay up and running at all times, your business depends on it.

How it works?

Under normal circumstances, if a check engine light illuminates on one of your trucks the driver knows that there is a problem and the truck needs to get to a service station but does not know the severity of the problem. This lack of information in some cases can cause more damage to the truck if the problem is not taken care of quickly.

With Detroit Diesel’s Virtual Technician, the trucks information goes straight to the source the second the fault code is issued. The High-Definition GPS/JBUS system, located in the truck, captures a snapshot of your trucks status for a period of time before and after the problem occurred. As soon as this event takes place you are notified with the following information.

  • Fault Code and Description.
  • Severity of the service (info, soon, Now).
  • Contact information for the Customer Support Center (CSC).
  • Service Location Locator.

Virtual Technician

Virtual Technician