OCM BOCES Partners with Tracey Road Equipment

We are pleased to partner with BOCES for the Heavy Equipment and Diesel Technology Program is an opportunity for Tracey Road Equipment to provide an educational avenue for local students to learn a highly sought after skilled trade. This will provide TRE with a pipeline of trained and experienced young adults to potentially join our team.

The students will be working and learning in a dedicated bay, and they will have daily access to diesel trucks and heavy construction equipment. Our combined classroom and dedicated bay will provide an environment that will allow the students to apply what is outlined in the classroom directly to the piece of equipment or truck.

Tracey Road Equipment is looking forward to a long term collaboration with OCM BOCES. We are dedicated to bringing the business aspect to the educational process. The partnership is one vital aspect of the workforce development that is needed in our community.

For more information on the program please visit the OCM BOCES website. Contact BOCES for more information, click here to see the Open House flyer.