What you should know about Quick Coupler Safety

Before you attach a bucket to your excavator, take a closer look at your quick coupler.

While quick couplers are a nice option that allow instant attachment changes, operators should always inspect them prior to use to ensure they have been properly engaged and locked.

According to OSHA, there have been many accidents involving unexpected bucket release from quick couplers within the past few years. Many of these accidents have been fatal. All of these accidents could have been prevented. As a result of this, most quick coupler manufactures are now providing retrofit locking pins that insert behind the couplers front and rear levers to prevent unintended release. Many manufactures offer newly designed safety features, and include instructions on safe operating procedures.

Even with these new features OSHA claims that unintended bucket releases continue to happen. Not all operators who use quick couplers realize the risk or they continue to use older couplers that lack these NEW safety features.

Here are a few safety procedures to follow:

  • Securely latch attachments before work begins.
  • Thoroughly inspect your quick coupler for any worn or damaged areas prior to use.
  • Choose to use newer style couplers that are specifically designed to prevent unexpected attachment release.
  • Contact quick coupler manufacture to upgrade any safety features on older couplers.
  • Always follow quick coupler maintenance and inspection procedures per manufacturers’ recommendations to prevent a malfunction.
  • Make sure you do visual and operational inspections on all machine components and controls before operating machine.

Quick couplers are a great option when it comes to changing out attachments, but safe operating procedures must be followed. By following some of these safety procedures you can greatly reduce injuries on your jobsite.

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