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2018 Paving Professionals Workshop Hosted by Tracey Road Equipment

For over 40 years Tracey Road Equipment has sold and serviced the leading brands of paving, milling and support equipment. The recent addition of Roadtec has opened the door on many new opportunities throughout NYS. With statewide coverage provided by our 7 locations; offering machines sales, parts and service, Tracey Road Equipment is able to provide a complete solution for all of your road building needs.

paving professionals workshop graphics 06As paving professionals there is always more to learn, new technologies to understand, and more efficient practices to implement. For all of those reasons, this year Tracey Road Equipment has decided to host a Paving Professionals Workshop. As the name implies, this workshop is for people who are in the road building, maintenance, and restoration business, whether they are working with a municipality or contractor.

We have been asked by a good number of paving and milling professionals to provide more tips and information on how to handle the moments we all dread. Troubleshooting on the job can be difficult without certain knowledge, and knowing how to quickly solve problems that arise and get back to work is imperative. We have invited experts to come together for this Paving Professionals Workshop and share some of their knowledge and wisdom with us all.

First, Richard Kramer, worked for a large paving contractor for 28 years, he started with a shovel and worked up to General Superintendent. He has been with Roadtec for 14 years and presented several times at The World of Asphalt and ConExpo.  Charlie Butler worked 10 years for one of the largest contractors in the world; 5 years as a field technician, and 5 years in shop management. Charlie worked on all types of paving equipment like milling machines, pavers, buggies, rollers, tack trucks, and brooms. He began with Roadtec as a technician traveling, all over the world servicing Roadtec equipment.  After 8 years he became a machine demo/startup specialist presenting equipment to customers and potential customers. He was later promoted to Product Training Manager, again working with customers and dealers across North America.

Gary Motak, Moba Sales Manager, has 18 years of experience working with several Upstate NY paving contractors. He has been with Moba since 2007 working with several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), as well as training technicians from road building contractors and dealers. Steve Forsley, NE Regional Manager, E.D. Etnyre & Co. has been servicing customers and dealers in the North East since 1991 – he has a great deal of product knowledge and experience to share. The NE Regional Manager for Sakai-America, Mark Armel, will be on hand to meet attendees and answer questions on soil and asphalt compaction, oscillation and Intelligent Compaction.

We are pleased to be able to facilitate this event, and work together to continuously improve our customers knowledge. The Paving Professionals Workshop will take place on Wednesday, February 7th at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY. To learn more and register for this event, please visit Also follow us on social media for updates and more industry news.


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