GO! More Profits in 2020 with RM GO! NEXT | Tracey Road Equipment

GO! More Profits in 2020 with Rubble Master GO! NEXT

Looking for new revenue streams in the new year? That’s smart business. Perhaps you should consider investing in a RUBBLE MASTER mobile materials processing plant. RUBBLE MASTER likes to say their mobile crushers and screens enable customers to find new ways to “shape” their business. Nice pun. And true, too, because a mobile crusher can literally help you turn problems into profits.

Making lemonade, right on the jobsite

We all know the old cliché about making lemonade when you’re stuck with lemons. Typically, stockpiled waste materials become a jobsite headache and an expense for disposal. Talk about lemons! Mobile crushing and screening transform that waste into a saleable bi-product of your work instead. You can make money, save money, and improve jobsite safety.

RUBBLE MASTER equipment is just the thing for applications such as contracting, demolition, mining, quarrying, or recycling. Crushers and screens are compact in size, perform reliably and produce high-quality end-product, whether you’re working with glass, natural rock, slag, concrete with rebar, coal, among other materials.

What else makes these machines a great investment?

  • Crushing requires tremendous power, so RUBBLE MASTER uses a diesel-over-electric drive system. You not only get the power and productivity you need, but you can also save as much as 30% on fuel.
  • You can move the equipment from one work site to another quickly and set it up ready to crush in 20 minutes or less. You won’t need any special permits for transport, either.
  • The equipment runs so quietly and has such an efficient dust suppression system, you can use it without complaint, even in urban areas.
  • The RM GO! operating system is easy to use. That lowers the risk of operator error.

And that’s just the crusher. RUBBLE MASTER MSC post-screens can separate as many as 5 different particle sizes, allowing you to offer product for a variety of specialized uses. More revenue opportunities, even customer-tailored sizing. Think asphalt crushing, C&D waste, gravel or sand. The screens can handle large capacities and produce top-quality material.

GO! hybrid with RM GO! NEXT technology

RUBBLE MASTER’s NEXT line uses single-source control to coordinate the operation of crushers and screens. The system includes a fully integrated hybrid drive as well as a variety of digital features. What does this mean? Let’s look at an example.

GO! More Profits in 2020 with RM GO! NEXT | Tracey Road Equipment

The RM MSC8500e is the hybrid version of RUBBLE MASTER’s popular RM MSC8500 screen. Its hybrid screen is fully electric. All the unit’s hydraulic lines, except for the crawler gear, have been replaced with electric ones. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that RUBBLE MASTER looked to electric drive as a future model. The company has been perfecting this type of engineering for more than a generation.

Some of the screen’s components have been specially created for RUBBLE MASTER, to ensure the hybrid units are tough as well as powerful.

And then there’s the crusher. In our example, that would be the RM 120GO! NEXT hybrid. It shares its power source — a high-power generator that produces plenty of electricity to drive both units. No auxiliary diesel gennie needed. This system explains why the crusher and screen can operate so quietly, with minimal emissions. On the other hand, if necessary, you can operate the hybrid screen with a diesel engine or even some other external power source.

The crusher communicates with the screen wirelessly instead of using cables or wires. The screen automatically starts when the discharge belts on the crusher start, and the screen automatically stops if a fault is detected or a blockage occurs. Operators use a radio remote control system with a display screen, allowing them to work without having to enter the danger area surrounding equipment while it is in operation.

To crush or not to crush

Will 2020 be the year you add crushing to your on-the-job task list? A RUBBLE MASTER RM GO! hybrid compact mobile crusher and screen combo could be just what you need to get rid of jobsite waste and bring in new revenue, too.


GO! More Profits in 2020 with RM GO! NEXT | Tracey Road Equipment


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