Kobelco Excavators To Be Sold Direct Around the Globe

Kobelco USAOn December 26, 2012 Kobelco Construction Machinery Co, Ltd. made an announcement that the initial 10-year term of its global alliance with CNH Global N.V. would not be renewed on December 31, 2012.  Starting yesterday, January 1, 2013, the company will market and provide services on its own in several markets including North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS countries.

What does this mean?

We’ll think of this as the middle man being cut out of the equation which will be a welcomed and direct benefit to Kobelco brand buyers.  Prior to this global alliance which was put into effect in January of 2002 (agreement was signed in September of 2001), Kobelco directly sold and provided services, of its brand, through a dealer network to its customers.    Those days have now returned and loyal Kobelco brand customers can expect many great things from this news some which will include:

  • Superior quality as a result of the strict higher standards of Kobelco
  • Better lead times for units and parts
  • Direct link to Kobelco through local dealers and the dealer network leading to much faster response times
  • Lower total cost of ownership of Kobelco Construction Machinery Brand Excavators

In all, Kobelco brand customers should rest assured that they will not lose those things which they have grown to love about this brand.  In fact, this will be the best thing to happen for Kobelco customers since January of 2002.

Why you might ask will this be the best thing?  Simple, the Kobelco dealers have the people necessary to provide buyers with elite and quality producsts and services.  Kobelco Construction Machinery has also strongly shown its commitment to making their re-entry as its own entity by recently completing a world-class, factory in Hiroshima, Japan in May of 2012.  It is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and will have improved production efficiencies and manufacturing qualities.

Jun Fujioka, President & CEO of Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., further assured the positive impact this will have by issuing the following comment,

“With our competitive strengths, we are confident of supplying products of the highest quality and performance, built with world-class, state-of-the-art technologies from the Kobelco Construction Machinery Group’s research and manufacturing bases.”

While change may be difficult, Kobelco brand customers should welcome this change as they will be the ones to benefit from this change, just as it should be!