Kobelco Opens New Independent U.S. Headquarters in Houston, TX

Since the beginning of 2013, Kobelco executives have been working to re-establish a presence in North America. Kobelco Construction Machinery recently opened its new, independent U.S. headquarters located in Houston, TX following the termination of a 10-year agreement with CNH. In late December they announced that Kobelco excavators will once again be directly marketed by the company in the united states. The centrally located facility will serve as a temporary home for the company while a custom headquarters and manufacturing facility is built nearby.

The company also has a substantial parts inventory on hand at its Houston headquarters for quick coast-to-coast shipment and delivery, as well as a full staff of parts and service personnel with a range of industry experience to optimize aftermarket support.

Kobelco’s Future Plans

With the ending of the global alliance with CNH, Kobelco will be able to grow its business on its own and sell hydraulic excavators in world markets. These machines are well-known for their advanced technologies such as low fuel consumption, low noise and onboard GPS.

Kobelco specializes in the production of compact, mid-size and full size excavators ranging from 1.8 to 89 tons. The success of KCMA has been built on the dedication to total customer satisfaction.

With many customers already familiar with the brand, the company is confident their re-entry into the North American market will result in growth. Last week Kobelco announced that the first shipment of excavators have arrived in U.S. ports including Galveston, TX and Las Angeles. The recent shipment of excavators includes a range of machines from 3,000 lbs all the way up to 180,000 lbs. These machines will be customers and dealerships throughout United States and Canada as early as next week.

Kobelco’s president and CEO, Katsuhiko Morita, will lead the new team with past employees Ron Hargrave as vice president of sales and marketing, George Lumpkins as product marketing manager and Eric Hoffman as national parts manager

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